Pet’s Name:  Lucas / Bekka, Cherry, Ruby
D.O.B.:  Apr/2017
Gender:  1 male / 3 females
Breed:  DSH

Four beautiful kittens born April 24. Their mom was rescued from an industrial yard and gave birth while waiting for her vet spay date – she was so small and young that we didn’t know she was pregnant. But she and her kittens are growing and a bundle of energy. Smart, playful, and settling into a routine of play, good food, cuddles and lots of love. They try to nap but as soon as they hear a voice at the door, they come running to greet you. They do their best to cuddle but with so much play to be done, well you understand don’t you? And come bedtime at the end of a busy day, a total zonk-out till morning.

Lucas – the only boy in the litter and quite the snuggle-bug.


Cherry – a little black beauty with glossy fur who doesn’t mind pausing her play for a cuddle.



Ruby – a splash of white on her chest tells her apart from her sister. She’s sweet and shy.



Bekka – the tabby of the litter. Gorgeous caramel, gold & black stripes and meows when picked up.