JoJo & Harriet


Pet’s Name:  JoJo & Harriet
D.O.B.:  ~ Mar/2017
Gender:  Male and Female
Breed:  DSH

Harriet ADOPTED!

Meet our new dynamic duo – brother and sister JoJo and Harriet. These two cuties arrived from the city pound and have managed to steal everyone’s hearts. Upon arrival it was JoJo who showed off his mojo as he tore around while his sister portrayed her ladylike behaviour – calmly adjusting and quietly exploring her new surroundings. Since then Harriet has discovered her mojo and is very active and inquisitive also. Both have so much fun playing, running and wrestling together until they tire themselves out and go back to their individual kennels for naps and nighttime. As active as they are they love to be cuddled and to receive attention from anyone who will indulge them. Their magical power of kitten cuteness will convince you to adopt – together or separately!