Pet’s Name:  Brassy, Copper, Ford, Aluminum, Scrappy
D.O.B.:  ~ Jun/2017
Gender:  3 males & 2 females
Breed:  DSH


This litter was found alone in a scrap metal yard in early June. Kitten introductions:

*Brassy is SWEET! He is a baby. Can’t get enough cuddles and pats and attention. Will lie with you almost whenever he sees you. Likes to be gently bounced and will immediately relax and usually passes out!



*Copper is very calm. Likes attention, but waits patiently for it. He will cry if he thinks he’s alone!



*Ford is bow-legged! He walks like a wee gorilla. He “listens” when you talk or sing. Head cocks to the side and he looks right in your face.  ADOPTED!



*Aluminum will talk to you whenever you touch her, and then breaks into LOUD purrs and likes to have her chin and neck lightly scratched.



*Scrappy is such a lady. She chirps and trills to chat and she really loves to be patted and to lie on you. She face rubs and head butts and will cut in on another’s attention to steal the human away for herself.



They are all so lovely!