Pet’s Name:  Cleopatra
D.O.B.:  ~ 2015
Gender:  Female
Size:  Large
Breed:  German Shepherd X

Hi, my name is Cleopatra but my foster family calls me Cleo for short.  Luckily, Animal Control found me wandering around the city which will help me find my forever home.  I’ve been with my foster family since August 16th and I’ve adjusted really well!  I sleep in my crate each night without complaining and I even go into my crate when I’m tired and need a rest.  I’ve never had an accident in the house and my inside manners are very good.  I love people but haven’t been around children with my foster family so they don’t know yet what that would be like for me.  I am working hard to learn how to walk on a leash.  Even though I’m nearly full grown, I still find it hard to focus and understand commands (and sometimes I try to be the boss).  I’m pretty strong so I need an adult to help keep me on track.  I bark at dogs that walk by my house so we’ve avoided them until I get better on the leash.  I love to run and chase a ball or other toys.  I’m really smart so if you’re patient and help me learn, I’ll get better at walking on a leash and following commands.