Pet’s Name:  Stella
D.O.B.:  ~ spring/summer 2016
Gender:  Female
Size:  Medium 
Breed:  Border Collie/Terrier X


Stella’s foster mom:

When I first met Stella, it was clear she had some behavioural issues to overcome. She was too skinny, biting, jumping and generally just too hyper to control well. As a foster mom I feel my role is to help get any of my foster babies as ready as I can to find a new, loving and caring home. We worked on staying off the furniture; not gnawing or grabbing shoes or anything her heart desires. She was extremely attached to me almost immediately, not wanting to be away from me. She would follow me from room to room, want to be outside if I was outside, inside if I was inside. I have seen many of these issues with other fosters and felt if not entirely eliminated, I could surely improve on her obedience with enough time and patience.

My biggest concern was her biting and jumping. She was never malicious, just a puppy who had never received the proper training and exercise. With her breed being an exuberant one, the key to me was exercise. I could introduce her to people, even children, just making sure she was restrained enough that no jumping or nipping may occur. She would bark at the neighbor, but as soon as he was introduced, she was on her back wanting a tummy rub. When I gave her a bone, I discovered she was a bit of a digger, consistent with her breed as well as attempting to “herd me” when she wanted me to do something. Any mouthing or nipping at feet just meant I would stand until she calmed and stopped the behavior. Meeting other dogs has been an issue; we are working at getting her properly accepting of other animals. She is eating well; I was using some food incentives because of her weight issue, and our increased activity levels (I think I’m losing weight, while I try to get her to gain some!). She was not familiar with being bathed or water much so we are working to get her more used to being groomed and/or around the water. After our day at the beach I could see she knows how to swim, and seemed happy to run through the water. She does quite well in vehicles thankfully as I have taken her to a lot of different places.

I would recommend she finds a home where she will get a lot of exercise; she is a work dog and needs activity and she loves being with her human. She is very bright and in just a few short weeks she is better with commands sit, stay, shake a paw, down, quiet etc. Once settled for good, I’m sure she would be an amazing, loyal and happy companion for someone.