Pet’s Name:  Nyla
D.O.B.:  ~ Jan/17
Gender:  Female
Breed:  DSH

*Nyla is proud & happy that her boys were selected and have found homes. Seeing them off, she now thinks she wouldn’t mind one herself. A home in which to relax, have fun, and to be part of a family. A young cat herself, not much older than her kittens, Nyla is needing the same life experience.

This lovely little family was unwanted and ended up in the pound. How can that be? What a sweet bunch of kitties. Mother Nyla and her 3 sons are now comfortably residing at the Animal Adoption Centre. They’ve quietly moved in and everyone is getting to know each other. Nyla is a beautiful tortoiseshell who coordinates nicely with her boys. Askim is short-haired, like mom, and has a thick beige coat. Such a delicate shade. Ginger Jude and grey Nakoa have longer hair and they wear it with flair. The kittens are a bit shy and look to Nyla for reassurance. Their confidence will grow now that they’re in a secure, loving environment. Next up:  forever homes for this foursome! (Feb/18)



         Nyla & her kittens