Nyla & her kittens


Pet’s Name:  Nyla & Askim, Jude, Nakoa
D.O.B.:  ~ Jan/17 & kittens ~ Oct/17
Gender:  Female & 3 male kittens
Breed:  DSH

This lovely little family was unwanted and ended up in the pound. How can that be? What a sweet bunch of kitties. Mother Nyla and her 3 sons are now comfortably residing at the Animal Adoption Centre. They’ve quietly moved in and everyone is getting to know each other. Nyla is a beautiful tortoiseshell who coordinates nicely with her boys. Askim is short-haired, like mom, and has a thick beige coat. Such a delicate shade. Ginger Jude and grey Nakoa have longer hair and they wear it with flair. The kittens are a bit shy and look to Nyla for reassurance. Their confidence will grow now that they’re in a secure, loving environment. Next up:  forever homes for this foursome!