Pet’s Name:  Butch
D.O.B.:  ~ Jan/2017
Gender:  Male
Size:  Large
Breed:  Bull Mastiff X

Butch is finally out of the pound and now happily moved in with a foster family. He’s a sweet natured dog, house-trained and good with older children, having met the grandkids. He is a beautiful bi-eyed boy wishing for a permanent home and family.
Butch is a very energetic, enthusiastic, friendly dog. He loves people, car rides, his toys, walks and of course his treats. He is very anxious to please and can sit and shake a paw and is learning how to behave calmly when he meets people. He is working on walking on a leash nicely as this appears to be something he has not been taught previously. He would do well in a home with someone who would work with his energy and enthusiasm in a constructive way. We think he would respond very well to being taught some new skills such as retrieving, agility, frisbee catch, tricks and even dog sledding. Butch is handsome, smart, athletic and available!