Pet’s Name:  Lola
D.O.B.:  ~ Mar/2016
Gender:  Female
Size:  Medium  
Breed:  Boxer/Shepherd X

Lola, formerly Delilah, is seeking a new home. Her current owner has this to say:

Lola is a very special dog. She’s loyal, very smart and wanting to please! It’s with a sad and heavy heart that we need to find her a new home. Lola loves to walk, run, or keep you company. She enjoys going for walks, she can walk on or off leash. She loves to play and enjoys water! She hasn’t had much experience with other dogs while staying with us. She does get excited when she sees other dogs and would love to play. Lola may need supervision if you have other pets. She does get along with her cat friend Ginger, however we always have to keep a close eye on her due to her strong prey drive. She gets along with kids, however, she needs her space. Once she knows you and trusts you she will love you. I have enjoyed many evenings hanging out and watching television with her beside me keeping me company. Lola needs patience, consistency, and a calm environment.