Pet’s Name:  Dylan
D.O.B.:  ~ 2016
Gender:  Male
Size:  Medium 
Breed:  Lab X

Greetings! My name is Dylan. I am a friendly happy boy living with a foster family. I am very good in the house. I stay off the furniture and have had no accidents. I love company so I often curl up snoozing nearby a person or on a blanket testing out chew toys. When that person leaves, I sometimes get up and follow to see what’s going on. I’m always up for a walk should they be heading to the front door. At times I’m quite good on the leash. However, there are active critters outside that catch my attention and I’m sometimes eager to meet them. And my keen sense of smell can lead my astray. Another outdoor activity I enjoy is spending time in the backyard with the 2 resident dogs. I’m respectful of their space and favourite toys. I just like hanging out and exploring with them. I’m on squirrel patrol with one foster buddy then I relax and chew sticks with the other friend. I sure hope I have a canine companion in my new home! And indoors there are cats. I immediately became friends with the eldest cat. He’s confident and acts like he owns the place (he does!). The younger cats were more cautious and slower to warm up to my charm. We’re all friends now however I tend to spend most of my time with the dogs. I am eager to learn commands and tricks and generally I’m a good listener.

An unfortunate issue I do have is separation anxiety and unhappiness at being crated. It was thought a crate was necessary when left on my own because of the anxiety. This was for my safety and that of my surroundings. However, at my insistence of how much I hate the crating experience a different solution was found. This past glorious summer we preferred sleeping in the garage, with access to the big backyard.

I’ve enjoyed some fun experiences in this foster home. I’ve had a date with the groomer and boy, did that feel good! My chocolate highlights gleamed and the white star on my chest sparkled. I’ve taken in the sights of the Crescent and Island Park with a doggy walking partner. And I’ve had a couple of trips out to Delta. I love car rides! This past September I attended obedience class. I improved my leash training, listening skills and meeting new dogs.

Now it’s 2019, a new year and another new experience! I’ve been attending doggy daycare twice a week. What fun and what friends!

* Dylan is a delightful dog with so many positive traits. We are working diligently on his separation anxiety. He requires a home that is patient and understanding and committed to help him deal with this condition and build his confidence when he’s alone.     




     Obedience graduate 10/22/18: