Pet’s Name:  Todd
D.O.B.:  ~ May/2014
Gender:  Male
Breed:  DMH

My name is Todd. I am around 4 years of age. I came to PAWS with some serious battle wounds, but they are healing nicely.
Nothing from my past has dampened my sunny disposition though. I am very friendly and quite gentle and really enjoy the company of people.
During my brief stay at a foster home they discovered that I quite enjoy it when a person lies on the floor, and I will flop down against them and have a cuddle.
I really love a good scratch, and if you rub my face I make a huffing sound, which the people say is very cute.
My foster mom had to give me a bath because I was very dirty and banged up, and I didn’t cause much of a fuss at all! Except for a few initial yowls, I stood very nicely for her and actually enjoyed the shampoo part because it doubled as a massage. I handled being rinsed off and bundled up in a towel without scratching or being in a panic.
I also have a belly and chest full of unique fur! It is wavy and thicker than what is usual for most domestic cats, so I may have some Norwegian Forest Cat DNA, which is kind of neat!
My foster says I am a gentle, sweet and loving guy who deserves a great home where I can be happy and loved, but for now I live at PAWS and await my forever family.