Pet’s Name:  Jewel
D.O.B.:  ~ Oct/2017
Gender:  Female
Breed:  DSH


I am one of the new residents at the Adoption Centre. I was found hiding in some concrete on the Tupper St. Bridge and then spent over 2 weeks in the pound before I was taken in by PAWS. At my vet visit I was told that I was a healthy 9 month old tortoiseshell cat. Then I was given the beautiful name Jewel. WOW! I thought I was just an unwanted stray cat. In one month I will be spayed so there will be no unwanted kittens from me. I was a little upset when I was put in my kennel at the Adoption Centre until I looked around and saw that I had 2 bowls of food, nice fresh water, a comfy bed, a clean litter box and even a hammock! Now I know that I will be well looked after and valued. I’m relaxed and pouring on the charm. Rumour has it that there is another cat in the room next door that looks exactly like me. I can hardly wait to meet her and maybe we can confuse the volunteers. As much as this looks like a great place I would love to find a home of my own shortly. Is there someone out there that is looking for a Jewel to add some sparkle to their life?