Mary Jane

Pet’s Name:  Mary Jane
D.O.B.:  ~ May/2018
Gender:  Female
Breed:  DSH

Mary Jane began her journey with PAWS in a foster home. She has so much personality! She yowls and squeaks to communicate. It is the funniest thing. And she gets tired in a snap. She could be playing and running and then boom… the eyes are droopy and she flakes. She chases the older cats and puts them in their place too! Mary Jane is so cuddly. Full of head boops and face rubs. Will curl up wherever she can, even if it’s just a bit of shoulder or chest, she nuzzles her way in and curls up. Mary Jane is very sweet and very playful. And her eyes – gorgeous!
*On May 7/19 Mary Jane made a move to the Best West satellite location.