Pet’s Name:  Reggie
D.O.B.:  ~ May/2018
Gender:  Male
Breed:  DSH

My new name is Reggie and I am another handsome tuxedo cat. Apparently I once had a home but after spending some time in the pound I now reside at PAWS. I am hoping this is just a temporary stopping place until I can find another home (a forever one this time). However, this is quite a nice place as I have a 3-tiered kennel with blankets, toys, a scratching pad and regular delicious food. I was a little hesitant with some of the volunteers but now I know they are just trying very hard to make me feel welcome and to spoil me. Apparently there is another tuxedo cat in the main kennel room that could be my twin brother. Once my isolation time is up I will be able to meet Archie and make a new friend. It will be fun to see if the volunteers can figure out who is who. Maybe we might even get adopted together!! If you would like to meet me in person just “Come On Down”!