Pet’s Name:  Elvira
D.O.B.:  ~ Mar/2018
Gender:  Female
Breed:  DSH


We would like you to meet Elvira, another unwanted cat from the pound. This young black beauty was in a foster home for a short time until a spot became available at our adoption centre. While in the foster home it appeared that perhaps this young lady had not had a previous home life. She seemed a little dubious about natural cat things such as a proper litter box, fresh food and water, as well as a soft bed. She had no idea what cat toys are for. However, there is one thing she has down to perfection – how to curl up on a lap and purr so quietly. This gentle quiet cat would love a home and a family that would be willing to show her how great it is to be part of a family and perhaps help her restore some kitten-ness that she never knew. Is there a home out there looking for a new family member? You would not be disappointed with Elvira.
*Elvira moved to the Best West satellite location Oct 7/19.