Pet’s Name:  Happy
D.O.B.:  ~ Jun/2018
Gender:  Female
Breed:  DSH

My name is Happy. It was an obvious choice, since my foster mom says I am the happiest cat she’s ever met! I have suffered horrible frostbite to both of my ears and the vet says the tips will fall off, leaving me with stubby little ears, but still beautiful.
I LOVE snuggles! I will lie on a lap, chest, back or neck. I don’t mind being carried around. I just settle into the crook of your arm and enjoy it.
I sigh. A lot! I have these contented sighs of relaxation several times a day, which make my foster family ooh and aaah over me. And I chirp. And sing. When you talk to me, I answer back.
I was a stray and at first the house noises scared me, but I am brave and now the washing machine isn’t my enemy and I am very grateful to be indoors with food and people and blankets and toys. I adore my young human foster sister. We play lots of games together like chasing her feet under the blanket and I love to lie in her blanket fort with her and she makes mewing sounds, which make me give her head butts and face kisses, (because I’m not quite sure if she is upset or not!) And then I cuddle her, (in case she really was upset!)
I am a really good girl and SO very loving and lots of fun. And the vet says I am just around a year old. I can’t wait to meet my new people and show them how much love one little cat can give!
-love Happy      *Happy is best suited as the only pet in the home.