Pet’s Name:  Skye
D.O.B.:  ~ Oct/2017
Gender:  Female
Size:  Medium
Breed:  Husky/Blue Heeler X

Skye is nearing her second birthday this October. She is a Husky x Blue Heeler and has been a member of the PAWS family for about 6 months. In this time she has demonstrated that she is a very intelligent dog that has proven highly effective with training efforts. She knows many commands, and is highly responsive. Skye has been trained to run beside a bike, and would be a fun addition to an active home. She requires regular exercise and mental stimulation to insure success in her adoption. She is a beautifully tempered dog who is eager to please. Skye enjoys being around people, and is very friendly. She is great with kids and other dogs. She will make a lovely addition to any family home willing to meet her needs. Skye can’t wait to join her forever family to start lapping up the love.