Pet’s Name:  Harrison
D.O.B.:  ~ Oct/2018
Gender:  Male
Breed:  DSH


I would like to introduce myself. I am Harrison, a new cat at the PAWS shelter. I was sprung from the city pound and brought here. I really think this place should be advertised on Expedia. The room is extremely clean, the bed is super comfortable, and the bathroom (litter box) is cleaned twice a day. The menu is superb and the staff is very friendly and caters to my every demand. I can be kind of vocal at times as I really want attention. However, nobody gets mad at me for calling out to them. There is even a scratching pad and lots of fun toys to play with. I know there are other cats in the next room and I hope to be able to meet them soon. Perhaps I will not be here long enough for that, because as I am so handsome and friendly, I might get adopted quickly. Why not come for a visit and meet me? You might even want to take me home with you!