Pet’s Name:  CoCo
D.O.B.:  Jun/2018
Gender:  Female
Size:  Medium/tall
Breed:  Husky X

CoCo is a sweet, calm girl with a very playful side. She gets along with all people and dogs that she meets. If they don’t care for her she just shrugs it off and walks away. She has met cats in a home and was indifferent to their presence. She hasn’t had much exposure to kids but when she has been around them she’s interested but not overly exuberant. CoCo does really well in her kennel, which is good because if she was left home alone she might be in your garbage can. She could use a little work on her basic obedience and walking on a leash but she is a quick learner. She loves her toys and playing fetch and would love a doggy friend to play with when the humans get tired. Basically CoCo is the perfect dog for an active person or family, but is happy to chill out after a little exercise.