Pet’s Name:  Skipper
D.O.B.:  ~ May/2017
Gender:  Female
Breed:  DMH

Introducing Skipper! She arrived from the pound and spent 2 weeks in a foster home waiting for a spot to open up at our Adoption Centre. While in the foster home she was very co-operative about getting her nails trimmed, her ears cleaned, being brushed and having cream applied to a facial wound she had. She met the resident dog and two cats with no reaction on her part. She is very chatty and has a very comforting purr. Skipper craves attention and absolutely loves belly rubs. She is a petite little girl and will easily steal your heart. If you are looking for playfulness, cuddliness and cuteness Skipper is the cat for you. She would be a delightful addition to any family. Why not come and pay her a visit and be prepared to fall in love.