Pet’s Name:  Maisie
D.O.B.:  ~ 6 – 12 months old
Gender:  Female
Size:  Large
Breed:  Great Pyrenees X


Meet Maisie! She is a working breed dog, but you’re lucky, Maisie has low exercise needs. She will benefit from psychological exercise more than anything. Her favourite workout is her morning runs beside her new friend’s bike. Maisie takes after many Great Pyrenees traits; she is calm, and gentle, and extremely obedient. And she is protective in nature.
Maisie knows many commands like sit, stay, down, wait, go around, and others. She has proven to be very easy to train, and has her house training down pat. She knows not to go on furniture, and is not a big barker. This sweetheart is easily startled and her foster family is helping with building her confidence a little more each day. Maisie will do best with a patient owner and we believe that she has great potential with the right family. She is highly intelligent and loves to play with her toys to occupy herself.
PAWS is happy to partner with Prairieburn K9 Academy, who has generously offered 10% off training with Debbi McArthur. Debbi has done a consultation with Maisie. She built a relationship and confidence with her very quickly. If the forever family desires, they can seek out Debbi’s future help with making Maisie’s adoption a success.