Pet’s Name:  Trixie
D.O.B.:  ~ Aug/2019
Gender:  Female
Breed:  DSH

Meet Trixie! Her time ran out at the pound but fortunately she had a foster home waiting. After her arrival on that stormy October night, she went into hiding mode and it was soon apparent that humans were a rather foreign species to her. Gradually each day she worked to overcome her fear! New experiences and people made her somewhat nervous. Trixie still likes her hiding places but now comes out to greet her caregivers, purrs readily, eats comfortably, and will relax on a lap once she has played all her sillies out. But only then! Speaking of play, she LOVES playtime. All toys are fair game. She is very energetic and loves leaping, climbing and running. She is a smart, talkative and adorable little girl who will hopefully charm her way into a forever home soon.
Trixie moved into the Adoption Centre Oct 25/19 and was hesitant at first. She has grown confident and continues to enjoy playtime. And she’s making some friends to share the experience!