Pet’s Name:  Zara
D.O.B.:  ~ Jan/2019
Gender:  Female
Breed:  DSH


With colder weather just around the corner might there be a home out there that would like a lovely black lap warmer? If so PAWS has just the one. Meet Zara, a young cat who, as usual, spent some time in the pound before coming into our care. She arrived with a gash in her hind leg which was stitched and is now all healed up. Zara just loves to cuddle and so enjoys belly rubs. As soon as she sees you she will say hello with her cheery chirp. She has a very loud comforting purr. This young cat has already had a litter but that will not be occurring again. She is a super clean cat and has the softest jet black fur. Why not come and see if Zara fits in your lap?
*Zara demonstrated her lap warming ability at a visit to Douglas Campbell Lodge in October.