Pet’s Name:  Oakley
D.O.B.: ~ May/2018
Gender:  Male
Size:  Large
Breed:  Mixed

After many months at a boarding facility Oakley has found a foster dedicated to work on his fear issues. Oakley was returned to PAWS care last year and after a three month stay at a foster home he was boarded at a local kennel. At the kennel he was the sweetest dog but every time he met new potential fosters he was fearful and acted out by growling and lunging. His initial meeting with his foster was exactly like this but with patience Oakley let his guard down.
Although Oakley’s journey to the good life has just started, his foster is dedicated to helping Oakley and has provided us great information about the home he would be good in. Oakley is looking for a very active family, he has lots of energy and needs to be active. He loves to play and run beside the bike. He is calm and mellow around the house and loves to cuddle.
A huge thank you goes out to Oakley’s foster, his dedication to Oakley has no doubt changed this amazing dog’s life and we are so grateful. If you’re interested in more information about adopting Oakley we would be happy to chat. (Aug/20)