Pet’s Name:  Joey
D.O.B.:  ~ Jan/2018
Gender:  Male
Breed:  DSH


We would like you to meet another handsome male that has joined the PAWS family – Joey. As usual, he was another unwanted cat that came to us after his two week deadline in the pound. It appears that his one crumpled ear was from an injury in the past that perhaps was never attended to properly. This gives him a unique appearance. Joey is a sweet boy who enjoys being around people even if it is just in the same room. While in his foster home it was discovered that he loves to share a pillow if he can; so that tells us he likes to cuddle. He is slowing trying to adjust to the resident dog and has made friends with the cats in the home and does very well with children. He is ready to have a permanent home now; so is there a family out there that would like to share a pillow with Joey?