Pet’s Name:  Teddy
D.O.B.:  ~ Mar/2019
Gender:  Male
Breed:  DMH


Introducing another handsome PAWS cat – Teddy. Once again, Teddy was an unclaimed cat from the pound. He was cold and wet when he arrived at the pound and after his 2 week stay he came into our care. Not sure what Teddy’s story is but it’s quite obvious that he never had a proper opportunity to enjoy being a kitten. It took him some time to realize he did not have to bury his food because food is now always available. He soon started to enjoy a scratching post and actually play a little. Teddy is a very quiet cat and his purr is louder than his meow. He loves to be held like a baby, gives the best head butts, loves belly rubs and being brushed. While in a foster home he became acquainted with the resident cats and large dog. Now he’s a popular guy at the shelter and has settled in with the other cats. Teddy would so love to find a permanent home so he can grow up safe and sound as an inside cat. So if there is a home that would love to have their own real live Teddy Bear, we have the one.