Paisley & Argyle


Pet’s Name:  Paisley & Argyle
D.O.B.:  ~ Dec/2018 & Jul/2019
Gender:  Female & Male
Breed:  DSH

Paisley & Argyle were picked up together from the same location and are quite likely related. Mother and son even. They’re equally stylish in solid grey coats with white accessories. Both arrived from the pound quite shy but gained some confidence in a foster home. They were quickly comfortable with the resident dog. Paisley is the bolder explorer and Argyle is the purrer and head butter, especially at meal times. Curious yet cautious, playful yet placid, they could be seen entangled in relaxing positions during rest periods. Paisley & Argyle are now adjusting to life at the shelter and hope to soon meet their future families. Or family!


^ Paisley ^


^ Argyle ^