Pet’s Name:  Sophie
D.O.B.:  ~ Jul/2019
Gender:  Female
Breed:  DSH

Meet Sophie. It was not Sophie’s Choice to be unwanted, spend time in the pound, and then end up with PAWS. Her choice would have been to be a young cat growing up in a loving, caring home and being safe inside. However, here she is and we’ll help her try again at a forever family.
Sophie is a very beautiful young lady. She gives hugs and the greatest head-butts. She is discovering how great toys are and is becoming quite playful. She loves to admire herself in the mirror. She is a quiet, clean cat who is only vocal when she sees you and then asks for some loving. Sophie is looking for a home that will give her a second chance at starting a new chapter in her life. If you come to meet her you could be Sophie’s Choice.