Huck & Finn

Pet’s Name:  Huck & Finn
D.O.B.:  ~ Sep/2020
Gender:  Male & Female
Breed:  DSH

ADOPTED together!

Here’s Huck & Finn – brother and sister!
Huck is a very soft spoken little guy. He loves to play and chase any kind of rope or string toy! He is very cuddly and loves to curl up in your jacket or sweater. He is also very protective of his sister Finn! He makes sure she wakes up when it’s breakfast time and always lets her know when someone is coming into the room! This is extra special and here’s why…
Finn is deaf. She may not be able to hear you but she makes sure you can hear her by meowing quite loudly! She has beautiful blue eyes that are slowly changing and might be turning green! She is extremely cuddly and loves falling asleep on you. She loves her brother because he helps her and makes sure no one sneaks up on her. Finn loves to run and play and especially wrestle with Huck!
Finn and Huck have grown attached and dependent on one another. A home willing to take on this pair of sweethearts would be ideal.


^^ Huck ^^


^^ Finn ^^


It is impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens. ~Cynthia E. Varnado