Pet’s Name:  Shorty
D.O.B.: ~ 2017
Gender:  Male
Size:  Small
Breed:  Mixed

For being around 3, Shorty is still learning a lot of basic puppy manners!
He’s come a long way with house training, he only has small accidents when he’s excited. He is crate trained but can be left home without being in the crate.
Shorty is sometimes unsettled and vocal, he will bark at times. He needs someone to help him work on this.
He is good with dog savvy kids. He sometimes mouths when playing and this may scare small kids.
Shorty is still learning loose leash walking! He has learned a lot of commands – sit, stay, lie down, leave it, play dead, kennel, heel.
Not good with other dogs – he prefers to keep his distance. Unsure of how he is with cats.
He does not shed, so would be good for allergies.
When Shorty is settled he is incredibly cuddly. He can be very loving and friendly. The cuddles are actually one of his really endearing traits, he puts his whole being into it and completely relaxes (snores sometimes!).
Interested in meeting Shorty to see if he’s right for you?



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