Kamala & Little Joe


Pet’s Name:  Kamala & Little Joe
D.O.B.:  ~ Mar/2019 / ~ Jan 18/2021
Gender:  Female / Male
Breed:  DSH

Meet Kamala and her son Little Joe. What a lovely pair of kitties! They’re now enjoying security, comfort, healthcare and TLC. Long past is the frightening birthing experience Kamala faced as a stray. Little Joe is her surviving kitten. Kamala’s plight is just one of many examples stressing the need to spay and neuter. Not just a difficult delivery in January, but Kamala came into heat again when Little Joe was only 7 weeks old. Neither will be further contributing to the cat overpopulation and their futures are bright!
Kamala and Little Joe have adjusted well. They came into care when Joe was only a couple of days old. Kamala is chatty and affectionate and loves company. She’s a hugger, a shoulder rider, and sometimes a leaper into one’s arms. She still seems uncertain that she’ll never go hungry again and meals are important to her. Little Joe is important to her also and she’s an attentive, loving and patient mother.
It didn’t take long for Little Joe to grow from a sightless wee lump to an active playful kitten. He enthusiastically plays on his own, interacts gleefully with people or dog and wrestles with mom. Snuggling with mom is also a favourite pastime but his increasing independence is evident. Joe’s a handsome young lad who’s had Kamala’s love, devotion and guidance all to himself.

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