Pet’s Name:  Cosette
D.O.B.:  ~ Sep/2020
Gender:  Female
Breed:  DSH


Isn’t she pretty! Meet Cosette. As usual, she was an unwanted kitten. But PAWS wants her for sure. She just loves to cuddle, especially all snuggled into your neck. Her purring skills are excellent! She has adapted very easily to shelter life. Cosette arrived from the pound, had a vet visit, and once in her kennel she enjoyed her food, immediately played with her toys, and then curled up for a snooze in her bed. She is on alert whenever a volunteer arrives as she knows for sure she will get some loving. She has already made friends with her roommate Posey. We know that life in our shelter will be short-lived for Cosette as her winning ways will make her well sought after. Why not arrange a visit? It will be hard to get past Cosette’s kennel without stopping for a snuggle, and then perhaps an adoption application.