Pet’s Name:  Polly
D.O.B.:  ~ Sep/2020
Gender:  Female
Breed:  DSH

My name is Polly and I am in search of a forever home. My résumé follows:

Education: My education has mostly been acquired on the streets. It seems I was homeless for a while, then taken to the city pound for two weeks. PAWS then took me in. I have a well-established purr, and I give wonderful kisses. Apparently, people like that. I also have learned that curling up on a lap is very soothing and comforting to both humans and cats. I am also skilled at using a scratching post instead of furniture. My playing skills are still developing as I have not had a lot of experience with toys. I am very neat and tidy when using the litter box. I am also developing some communication skills that have turned into chirps instead of loud cries.

Health: I am a very healthy, slim, trim young lady. I have been to the vet and was given my first inoculations, was dewormed and I have no ear mites. I am to be spayed in May so there will be no kittens arriving with me.

Home requirements: I will need a home that will keep me inside so I will remain safe from outside dangers. Windows would be excellent! I also require good food and clean water; as well as a litter box that will be kept clean. I would be ecstatic if the home had people who would cuddle me and love me forever.

I am available for interviews and adoption applications. I will carefully review all applications and will contact the home that best fulfills my requests.

Polly from PAWS