Molly & Tommy


Pet’s Name:  Molly & Tommy
D.O.B.:  ~ Jan/2021 & ~ July/2021
Gender:  Female & Male
Breed:  DSH

My name is Molly and along with my kitten Tommy, we are new additions to PAWS. We are joining the other black beauties in PAWS’ care. I was in the pound with my litter of kittens before I arrived at PAWS.  My only kitten left is Tommy (the others were adopted). Imagine at 8 months old I had already had kittens that were 12 weeks old. No more kittens for me as I have now been spayed and am ready for a new start in life.
I am a very quiet, content cat who is finally enjoying being pampered. I am a great mom to Tommy. I constantly watch over him and discipline him gently if he gets a little out of line. Tommy is a delightful little guy. He so enjoys playing with toys, and watching him just be “all kitten” can be so entertaining. I have even started playing with Tommy. Playing was obviously not in my past, but I am realizing how much fun it can be. Both Tommy and I are so looking forward to having a forever home where we will be loved and protected. We would be quite willing to go to separate homes, as long as we get a permanent loving home.


^ Molly ^


^ Tommy ^