Cash, Olive, Tabitha

Pet’s Name:  Cash, Olive, Tabitha
D.O.B.:  ~ Jun/2021 (Cash), ~ Jul/2021 (Olive & Tabitha)
Gender:  Male (Cash), Female (Olive, Tabitha)
Breed:  DSH

Foster home, June/22: These three lovey kitties are available for adoption through PAWS. They are around 10-11 months old and are enjoying their time with us especially when they get their window opened to go into their catio in the morning!
Extremely affectionate and playful! They were born and raised on the streets and came to us after the mother cat had sadly passed away. Cash is a few weeks older but they grew up together.

Cash (available) and Coal (adopted)

Cash and Coal (adopted) were found living outside with another two kittens. They were caught by Animal Control and spent some time in the pound before moving into a loving foster home.

They came to us scared of people and have since blossomed into affectionate happy playful kittens, enjoying all the love and attention they are getting!

Cash loves to get pets and be held like a baby while he loudly purrs to tell you how happy and safe he feels.

Coal sees an empty lap and knows that’s where she wants to spend her time, cuddled up happily sleeping and purring to show how happy she is!

Both kittens are extremely affectionate, but this could take a few days to get comfortable with a new family. They are in no way aggressive but can be scared of new situations. Patience will be greatly paid off with either kitten 🙂

Help us find their forever homes (or home).



Olive (available) and Tabitha (available)

These two came to us after living on the streets with Cash and Coal.

They were quite spicy when they moved in, and after about a week they realized how much happier they actually were!

Tabitha is a cuddle bug with a purr like a diesel engine! She has a sweet meow and loves to play with any toys she can get her paws on.

Olive was the spicier of the two, and took a few extra days for her to realize she was safe, but now that she knows, she is thanking us everyday with cuddles, purrs and wanting to play!

These two will also need patience when going to a new home, but it won’t take long for you to see the cuddly kitties that we get to see 🙂

Let’s help them find forever homes, or home!