Pet’s Name:  Meow
D.O.B.:  ~ May/2021
Gender:  Male
Breed:  DSH

Hi, my name is Meow! I know my name is a little bit, well… unoriginal but let me tell you how I got it! I was living on streets! One day someone started to leave food and water for me and my family cuz boy it was hot outside!! We knew the food was there when we would hear Meeee owwww and there was something good to eat for us! So, every time I heard that Meeee owwww I would come running and meow back. And that’s how I got my name!
I eventually became more interested in this person and started to come to visit more often! I realized that she meant me no harm and maybe she would touch me if I came really close and yup, she did! I did a little time in the big house but one day they brought me back to my old stomping grounds! I now live inside and have food every day and my own bathroom!! I’m still pretty young, about 9 months old, and I have been trying to learn a lot of things! I like playing with all my toys, my scratch post, and will fall down and roll back and forth so my friend will give me a pet.
I have also learned where the treats are kept and will ask for some when my friends are leaving for work. I enjoy a good game of tag. I am usually the winner cuz I’m pretty fast!! I really would like to learn to help with the dishes but my friends don’t seem to need my help cuz I get put on the floor! I am working on my love of plants. I want to sleep in them like I did outside! I keep forgetting that I have a bed now and it’s a good thing because I sure enjoy my naps!
I am pretty shy. I only know these people (covid and all) and if someone does come, I hide and peek from a distance. Oh, almost forgot to tell you… I did go to the doctor and I was poked and prodded and it wasn’t so bad cuz I fell asleep and when I woke up, I went home and I heard them say I am fixed now! Didn’t know I was broken!! I hope someone can give me a nice home where I can live inside and continue to learn and maybe you will let me help with the dishes!
Look forward to meeting with you,