Pet’s Name:  Pierre
D.O.B.:  ~ Jan/2021
Gender:  Male
Breed:  DSH

Meet Pierre. Pierre is one of a couple of tabby cats in our care right now. So, if you are a lover of tabbies, we would suggest you act quickly to make Pierre a part of your home. He is a very affectionate cat and loves to carry on a conversation with anyone who will converse with him. He can amuse himself with his toys, and then when played out he enjoys his cat naps.
Pierre began life in a feral colony, and then ended up in the pound before he came into care with PAWS. Human contact was very new to him and it took him awhile to realize that life with people can be very rewarding. He never, ever showed any signs of aggression. He will need a home that will be patient with him while he adapts to yet another new environment. He is in a foster home now, but is so deserving of his own forever home. If there is a family out there that is willing to give love and patience to Pierre, we know that he will become a wonderful family member.