Silken, Velvet & Velour


Pet’s Name:  Silken (mom), Velvet & Velour
D.O.B.:  ~ May/2021 (Silken), ~ Mar/2022 (kittens)
Gender:  all female
Breed:  DSH

Silken arrived from the pound with daughters Velvet and Velour. They are a charming little family. The girls have their mother’s sweet nature and sense of fun but not her sterling coat. Quite similar, Velvet is more solid black with white on her stomach while Velour has faint striping and white at her throat. Initially unsure in their new surroundings, they are shy no more! They play hard then nap to recuperate. They like taking mom on in wrestling matches. Silken is now fixed and the girls will be when old enough. That important responsibility has been taken care of… now who will provide these young kitties with loving homes?