Sally, Dick & Jane


Pet’s Name:  Sally (mom), Dick & Jane
D.O.B.:  ~ Nov/2020 (Sally), ~ Mar/2022 (kittens)
Gender:  female, male, female
Breed:  DSH

Sally is another young mom who found herself in the pound with kittens. Not the best environment for a growing energetic family. They are now settled in at the Animal Adoption Centre, where there’s room for fun and frolics, and doting volunteer caregivers. Sleek Sally is an affectionate mini-panther. She patiently partakes in play with her tuxedo twins. At first Dick was shyer than Jane but now they excel equally in their shenanigans. Sally is now fixed and the kittens will follow that path when age allows. That is a gift and responsibility we owe our companion animals. Where are the families seeking forever feline friends?