Pet’s Name:  Luc
D.O.B.:  ~ May/2022
Gender:  Male
Breed:  DSH

Luc’s story.

We heard a kitten crying in the evening of June 30th and saw it scurry into the shrub bed. We couldn’t find him. The next morning, we heard him scared and crying in our flower bed. He appeared to have been on his own for a while and was terrified and very skittish when we caught him.

Thanks to a good friend, Luc was soon fed, bathed, snuggled and calmed and we learned how to care for him. What purring! We have never had a cat – let alone a frisky kitty, but he has been such fun we offered to foster him until a forever home can be found. Luc immediately took to using his litterbox and sleeping in a borrowed puppy kennel. He also likes his small kennel and takes day sleeps in it.

Luc was named after a good friend of ours who passed away a few years ago. He too was fun and energetic!

Luc loves to play with his toys. He likes to sit on laps and cuddles in a blanket on our arms for naps. He scampers around playing, flipping and pouncing one minute and fast asleep the next. He is learning to come to us when we call and if the moment is right, he will leap his whole little body into the palm of our hand for a lift to the lap!

He will be a great little addition to a loving family.